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20 February 2017

Middle School - The Worst Years Of My Life

So I was looking through Netflix and I came across this film, I thought it sounded interesting from the description:
At Hills Village Middle School, budding cartoonist Rafe and best pal Leo challenge their uptight principle by breaking every rule in his handbook.
So from this description I decided that I would give I a try, I then went to YouTube to find the trailer, and from this I did not hold up much hope, (Trailer) I found that it did not give the best impression of the film that it could of but I still thought I might give it a try.

Okay and now for the Main Event

It was one of those good days and I just wanted a nice funny film to finish of my evening, this film was not that. Not that there is anything wrong with this film I Loved It but I did end up in tears.
I was worried that it would just be another stereotypical America school film but I was pleasantly surprised it was dynamic and actually interesting. There was a twist that you don't really think about until it comes around (which I suppose is the point) But if you were to go back and watch it then there were signs throughout the entire film that point to the twist. I love this about the film the fact that it makes you go back and watch it to see if you can pick up on the signs and see the twist before it happens.
At this point I was going to compare my review with that of other peoples but I want my blog and my reviews to be un-swayed by other peoples thoughts, however if you would like me to compare I will. Simply ask below and maybe state the main reviews you want me to reference.

I'm about to go into detain about why this film made me cry which of course means SPOILERS

Part way through the film it is revealed as to why the main character is having so many issues at school recently his brother died of cancer and to start off with you don't think anything of it, its just been put in so that you feel sorry for the troublemaker.
This not however is not the case.
At the beginning of the film when Rafe starts the new school you meet a boy called Leo, they act as if they are the best of friends with one of Rafe's first lines to Leo being "Your already here" implying that they came from the sae school previously. So not expecting the twist I just went with it, this kid is just a friend of Rafe's that got kicked out of school when Rafe did Thinking back on it Leo was already there so he can't have been kicked out of the school at the same time as Rafe otherwise they would have started at the new school at the same time. He also already knows all of the school rules and exactly how the principle would move during his lecture (at this point, after knowing the twist, things start to get suspicious). Can I just say something that I feel completely stupid for not realising...nobody and I mean nobody (except Rafe of course) interacts in anyway with Leo...EVER.
Can I also point another thing out and this may give away the twist if you haven't already figured it out...Rafe and Leo look like the could be brothers:

So if you have not figured it out already -
Leo is in Rafe's imagination.
Leo is Rafe's dead Brother

THIS IS WHAT MADE ME CRY! When they did the scene when they revealed this little snippet of information I just had a break down. I literally paused the film, sat on the floor and cried for about 5-10 minutes.
I didn't cry that much for "Fault In Our Stars"!

This film really hit me and its not like I have suffered from this sort of problem or loss it just hit me right in the feels.


Later this week I will be putting up a review of "Sing" as I am going to see it in cinema either in Thursday or Friday.
Speak  to you then,

Have A Good One

18 February 2017

Now You See Me 2

Can I just say something before we bad I'm going to say it anyway. I was in an awesome mood going to see this, I love the first film, we were going to the cinema in the Jag, there was no traffic and to top in off my second favourite song of all time came on the radio 'Rockstar' by Nickelback.

Now on to the Review...

Earlier today I saw the sequel to Now You See Me called Now You See Me 2.
Which I still maintain should have been called 'Now you Don't'. Which yes before I saw the film was only because of the saying 'now you see me, now you don't' but having now watching the film it is no simply because of that.
I came away form the film not entirely sure of what I had seen, which parts of the film were clever misdirection because magician and which bits just plain didn't make sense.
Don't get me wrong the film was a perfectly good sequel to a brilliant film and I will of course watching it again, but not necessarily for the story/plot line. The film got to the point where yes the directors wanted to create misdirection and they did, but I don't think they did it in the way they hopped. They created misdirection to much that just about anything more added to the film was misdirection. They created a situation where basically 'I'm ticking you into tricking me into tricking you into tricking them into to catching me into catching you' I got confused writing that I don't even know if you are going to understand that.
The plot line just got to complicated, to picking.


There was this one point in the film where they found out the chip they stole was a fake because the paint peeled away or something. And then like 3 scenes later its real...How did that happen? We don't know!
And another part where they had to abort the plan and go straight to the finally, and it seemed as though this was not planned but it was, all of it was part of the plan.
There are so many things about the film that brought it down because the just were not explained. The main problem of the film I think is that it had to be bigger and better then the last, and that was where they failed. They tried to make it to complicated, to much bigger almost to better. It was one of those films that probably would have been better later on in a series, a film that you could have worked up to, slowly in each film adding another layer of deceit in each film.
Because the people watching have gone from a simple plot line with one layer to an overly complicated plotline that take the shape of an onion.

There are a magnitude of things that would make this film better but I think the main thing would have been a bigger budget. Not to add more to the story, but to allow the film to have bits of explanations in it. A theory I have is that the producers and editors have spent so long working on the story that they know it, and they forget that actually they need that scene because not everybody knows what the hell is going on. They forget that no everybody has seen the uncut version and they have actually cut scenes that are essential to the plot line. My hope is that when the film is release in DVD that there will be a directors cut with 20 addition minutes in it so that explanations can the told.

But all in all an enjoyable film to watch and if you love the mindboggling that is magicians that watch it. But I have to warn you, go into it with your mind open and remember to look at the bigger picture because THE CLOSER YOU LOOK THE LESS YOU SEE.

Have a good one...

Star Trek - Beyond

I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I know it has been out for a while (so much so that next week my local cinema is showing it in screen 5, which everybody knows is the crappy screen with all the seats on the same level) and I'm a little bit late to the party but I'm going to do this anyway.

Unlike its predecessor Star Trek Into Darkness my social circles didn't hear much about this film until its release and it feels - to me - as though it was kept under wraps and that only if you cared about the franchise - not saying I don't - did you know about it.
I feel like it was hiding in the shadows, avoiding the hype but maybe it just got over shadowed by the likes of Finding Dory and to a certain extent things like Suicide Squad.
However that it is possible that the producers decided that the people that were going to see the film would see it whether there was hype about it or not. I know that I still would have gone to see it even if I literal only found out about it when looking though the listings at the cinema.
Because that's the type of people we are.
We are fans whether there is hype or not.
Whether the entire screen is full or whether it is just us we will go and see it. And that is what makes these things great they don't try to commercialise these things they make them pure and true to what they are meant to be.

The actual review of the film is a standard one.
Its your average sequel, there are parts that you where written just to get a bit of the pull on the heart strings and others to make you chuckle. But those are the bits I love.
I don't know about you but I have stopped going to action films for the action and the blood and the gore because unless you watch something like Deadpool there is none, I watch these films because they are so good at not taking them selves seriously that its gives me a bit of a laugh and makes my day.

So guys I know this has been a bit of a crappy review and I promise I will do a better job next time but guys go watch the film if you liked reboot series because seriously I'm about to go and re-watch the series because it put me in that sort of mood.

Again sorry...

Have a good one...